Opinion: State of the Union Address

In his State of the Union Address, President Obama talked about jobs and investing in education. He talked about “winning the future.” At times, speaking in a supportive manner towards corporate America, he came across as a moderate Republican. Still the right had to bash him. The Republicans absolutely refuse to work with President Obama.

Many Republicans use an argument that President Obama should have accomplished more in his 24 months of being in office. At the same time the Republicans in Congress admit that their prime priority is to try and make the President fail. They won’t give him an inch. We witnessed a record number filibusters over the past two years in their attempt to accomplish their goal. Still the Democrats created one of the best lame duck sessions in history, if not the best lame duck session in history.

Corporations had a record year in profits in 2010. The stock market is now thriving, the Dow-Jones hovering around 12,000 points. There’s been 12 months of job growth in the private sector. Payrolls are up 1.8%. This president reached out to Republicans time and time again, even compromising with them by extending tax cuts for all Americans, including the top 2% income earners in America. He also compromised with Republicans on the health-care bill. The Republicans made more than 165 amendments to the healthcare bill and still not one of them voted for it. President Obama deserves a lot of credit for preventing an economic depression after inheriting a recession where we were losing tens of thousands of jobs month after month.

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