President Obama Extends the Bush Tax Cuts

While I agree with extending the tax cuts for 98% of the American people, I also believe that the very wealthy could do their share to help this struggling economy. They are the people that can afford it most. Billionaires Warren Buffet and Bill Gates agree with me.

That said….

It’s well known that President Obama inherited a recession from the Bush Administration, but now he’s doing almost everything the Republicans ask of him to continue the status quo.

Obama is now part of the nation’s economic problem. He and the Republicans. Obama is one of them now. He’s not the President the American People elected to fix the economy. He’s another George Bush.

So the blame now belongs to Bush, the Republican majority he enjoyed, Obama and the Republican minority he’s catering to.

With this compromise Obama just took ownership of the current state of the economy, along with the Republicans. The Democrat’s hands have been tied by the President.

This President is making it impossible for the Democrats to fix what the Republicans have destroyed. Now all we can do is sit and watch as Obama and Republicans take the national deficit to new heights.

Obama and the Republicans just added $1 trillion to the national debt with these tax cut extension for the top 2% income earners and the unemployment extension. There’s no way we as a nation could afford to accomplish both.

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